Using PayBill with PayGate

Before using PayBill with PayGate you need to understand how PayBill works, the reader needs to be familiar with two other products of PayGate Payment Gateway. PayBill works by combining the simplicity of PayPoint and the convenience to the customer of PayWeb. PayWeb is the software installed on fully interactive websites where the client accesses the “PAY” option and sends his credit card details (encrypted automatically by PayGate) for processing.

PayPoint is used by mail order companies or guest houses and hotels. Here it is the merchant and not the cardholder who sends the card details to the bank for authorizing and processing. Using PayBill with PayGate does not require a website and is a useful, convenient business tool for a business which is neither a retail outlet nor an e-commerce site.

Let us use the example of a plumber. Once he has a business cheque account and a PayGate online merchant card processing facility, he can access the PayBill software on his computer and generate an electronic invoice. He will forward this to the client who owes him money for work done.

On receipt of this invoice, via the internet, the client chooses a method of payment from the list of options and adds all the required information. This information is transmitted via an encrypted form via PayGate’s payment gateway to the merchant’s bank for processing, and the merchant is informed that the debt has been paid.

Nothing could be simpler or more convenient than PayBill. It is a safe and cost-effective method of securing payment remotely, without the expense and bother of setting up a website. PayBill comes with all the security and back office functionality that has made PayGate a leading payment gateway service provider in Southern Africa. Enquire now to find out how you can be using PayBill with Paygate for your business.