The Travel and Hospitality Industry and Credit Card Payments

Businesses in the travel or hospitality industry need to be able to accept credit card payments for their services, but with the cardholder seldom present, the credit card terminal used by the retail industry is of little value. That is why PayGate has developed a suitable payment method called PayPoint. PayPoint is the ideal payment mechanism for the leisure industry, facilitating the processing of both local and international credit cards. Clients prefer to use their credit cards to pay for travel because of the insurance included in the purchase of an airline ticket. It is also the most convenient way of paying for hotel or guest house bookings.

PayPoint is the one-stop solutions for anyone running a guest house, hotel or travel agent. All that is required is a well-run business cheque account and internet access. PayGate has developed its range of products to cater for card-not-present transactions. It obtains authorization from the bank which issued the card and processes those transactions with a positive authorization response, while keeping payment and booking details for easy referal. The merchant’s business bank account is credited with the sum of the transactions processed for the day via PayGate’s secure payment gateway.

It is a simple, cost-effective way of doing business. No more standing in bank queues. Because it uses the internet, no additional phone line or hardware is required and it is fast and reliable. PayGate has put all the neccesary firewall and password protection in place to ensure the security of client details. It meets the stringent requirements demanded by the major South African banks, who have been recommending PayGate’s suite of card processing products to their valued clients for many years.

PayPoint is the system best suited to businesses in the travel and hospitality industry. Using PayGate in the travel and hospitality industry is the right decision for any business keen to accept credit card payments from their clients.