Zapper Payment Method


Zapper for e-commerce means that new customers only need to scan a QR Code with Zapper and they’re instantly registered or logged-in. And then for payments at checkout, another Zap and they’re done. Quick and convenient for the user. Profitable for you. With Zapper securely passing the registration details from the customer’s profile, all you have to do is extend a warm welcome. No registration forms, no usernames, no passwords, no hassle. Just instant access to your site and more qualified sales opportunities.

Benefits of using Zapper for merchants
  • With Zapper you can pay bills in a matter of seconds and quickly log in and sign up to websites, without using a keyboard.
  • Zapper includes an online dashboard. This allows you to select the services you need, monitor activity and reconcile payments. So whatever Zapper service you use, you’ll have a crystal clear insight into everything that’s going on. We will also keep you 100% up-to-date with all the latest information on new products and additional services.
  • Zapper allows your customers to pay using their smartphone without having to call the waiter back to the table. Zapper even supports splitting the bill.
  • Place the Zapper QR Code anywhere – in emailed PDF bills or printed invoices. Customers scan the QR Code and you’re paid in seconds. Payments are quick, secure and effortless and you spend less time and money taking payments and chasing up invoices. Cash flow improves, sales increase, costs decrease and customers enjoy buying from you.

How Zapper Works

Download the Zapper app on your smartphone, complete your profile, load your credit, debit or cheque cards and begin scanning.

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