PayGate’s Payment Gateway

PayGate is a payment gateway provider, enabling the processing of credit cards via the internet. PayGate’s payment gateway has a number of products specifically for e-commerce application, and the modus operandi of the business will dictate which product is best suited for that business.

PayPoint acts as a “virtual terminal” suited to those businesses whose customers are not present. It does the work that a physical point-of-sale terminal does in a normal retail outlet. PayPoint requires internet access but does not require an interactive website.

On receipt of the cardholder’s authority to debit his credit card, the merchant, using a secure user-specific password, is able to access PayGate’s payment gateway and process the transactions online. PayPoint’s functions include obtaining authorization on all transactions sending the day’s batch to the merchant’s bank for processing, encrypting all sensitive information, and generating various reports for the merchant’s records. PayPoint is cost-effective and easily accessible from anywhere and from multiple sites simultaneously – useful for a busy travel agent or hotel.

PayGate’s payment gateway Back Office enables the merchant to keep accurate figures, making bank reconciliation problems a thing of the past. Because the credit card details are captured on PayGate’s website, the merchant has the peace of mind knowing that all security standards have been met. PayGate is one of the leading payment gateway providers in Southern Africa, with 15 years experience in the credit card processing industry. Their help desk is manned by knowledgeable staff with a “can do” attitude and all their products have been designed to keep up with the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

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