PayVault is a card tokenisation service which enables merchants using the service to store their clients’ card details in PayGate’s PCI DSS Level 1 database and receive a token (a unique code assigned to the card) which can be used to process future transactions in place of using the card number.

PayVault Benefits:
  • Card details are stored within a PCI secure vault.
  • Removes the need for the merchant to store the card details.
  • Ideal for merchants wanting to implement a quick checkout process for known customers.
  • Can be used to replace the card number when batching card payments.
  • Can be used to replace the card number when processing recurring payments.
  • Card numbers can be pushed automatically to the vault and replaced with tokens.
  • Seamless process to add and delete card numbers within the vault.
How PayVault Works:
  • To store card numbers in the PayVault database the merchant would send the card number and expiry date to PayGate using the PayVault host-to-host service.
  • PayVault will store the card number and return a unique code (referred to as a token) to the merchant, which the merchant can store in their database.
  • When the merchant wants to process a payment on the card they would send PayGate the token instead of the card number, and PayGate would match the card details corresponding to the token in the PayVault database and process a transaction on the card.

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