PayGate Payment Gateway as a Tool in E-commerce

PayGate payment gateway has developed PayWeb as the ideal tool for e-commerce or online retail businesses. It is one of PayGate’s suite of products and it allows a cardholder to pay for his goods on the merchant’s website. PayWeb’s many features make it safe and convenient for the customer, and cost-effective for the merchant. PayWeb really is the ideal tool in e-commerce.

Web developers like the fact that integration of the PayWeb software into the merchant’s site is straightforward, and a fully-functional test environment is available before the site goes “live”. PayGate payment gateway has done everything possible to make the process of being linked to PayWeb a painless one and will assist the merchant to do what is required to meet the specifications of his bank to become an internet merchant. This includes a sample business plan and other documentation available for downloading.

The client keys in his credit card details on a secure site hosted by PayGate’s payment gateway, so the credit card capturing takes place on PayGate’s website which has all the required security features in place. All sensitive credit card information is transmitted fully encrypted. The site retains the look and feel of the merchant’s website.

Credit card transactions are automatically authorized by the card issuing bank and then transmitted to the merchant’s bank overnight. The merchant’s bank credits the merchant’s business cheque account with the total of the day’s batch. The merchant is able to view all credit card transactions processed on his PayWebpayment site and access various reports and back-office information, thus making bank statement reconciliation painless. PayWeb is the ideal credit card processing tool for all e-commerce merchants with an interactive website.

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