PayGate The Online Payment Gateway

With online businesses flourishing it is of paramount importance that your business can process online payments quickly, securely and efficiently. PayGate offers the retailer and the customer peace of mind with their online payment products. Accredited with the major banking institutions of Southern Africa and many other banks around the world – PayGate is the preferred online payment gateway.

PayGate has established itself in the online payment gateway industry as it offers products that are simple to deploy whilst also being trusted and endorsed by major banks and partnerships with principal credit card companies.

PayGate services available for online payments include PayWeb for secure credit card payments. PayWeb is secure and easy to use and provides your business with a secure online payment page and the transactions are authorized immediately and PayWeb accepts most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.

This product is the most popular offering from PayGate as it is easily implemented to accept online payments securely. Businesses of any size selling products and services online should look into including the PayWeb product into their website. It transforms a simple brochure site into an e-commerce site with ease.

Running an online business means that you need to provide an online payment gateway which will accommodate the many options available to consumers to shop online. Although you may not have strong business relationships with multiple banks, PayGate is established and gives your business the ability to offer reputable online payment systems.

Contact PayGate on or try out the Back Office on the PayGate site to experience the power of the PayGate online payment gateway.