PayGate – Online Credit Card Transactions

If you are selling goods via your website, accepting online credit card transactions is a must. For your client there is no better way to pay for the goods they have chosen from your site. For you, PayGate has made accepting credit card transactions via your website straightforward and foolproof. Once your website has been developed and tested, a simple mouse-click on the payment option will immediately connect your client the cardholder to the payment page.

The cardholder will be prompted to complete all the necessary areas on the payment page, which, although part of PayGate’s secure payment gateway, will be configured with your company details. Once completed, the cardholder will click on “submit” and the transaction will be sent to PayGate in an encrypted format for processing. The transactions, either singly or as a day’s batch (the choice is yours), will be sent in turn by PayGate to your bank. Your business cheque account will be credited by your bank and the debit will make its way to the cardholder’s card account.

PayGate will automatically obtain the necessary authorization on each transaction submitted from your website, and you will be notified of the new orders. You will have access to useful back-office information where you can see the status of each order being processed. Accepting credit card transactions via your website really is that simple. Your web developer is probably already aware of the benefits of having a PayGate facility and will set your site up to connect seamlessly to PayGate’s e-commerce credit card processing solution. Your bank will do the necessary paperwork.

PayGate has been accredited to all the major banks in South Africa, and has facilitated the online processing of credit card transactions for many years. Accepting credit card transactions on the internet via your website using PayGate will enhance your e-commerce business and give you the peace of mind knowing that you have chosen a company with an impeccable track record for your online credit card processing.

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