Tailored Solutions for Businesses of Every Size

Choose PayDirect if You…

Have an Existing Internet Merchant Account

And don’t sweat if you don’t. Our helpful team can advise you on the best bank for your unique needs and even help facilitate set up.

Need Direct Settlement into Your Account

Funds will clear directly to your bank account. On top of this log into your Merchant Account Portal to view your transactions at any time.

Require Flexibility and Choice in Your Solutions

With various pricing and add-on products to choose from, you can hand select the package customized to your individual needs.

Want to Choose Your Integration Method

Choose the secure and mobile friendly PayWeb iframe or if you’re looking for a host to host solution, PayHost is the way to go!

Pick Your Add-Ons

PayFX allows you to quote pricing on your website in the international currency of your choice. Your customer does not need to perform an offline currency conversion.


PayVault is a PCI compliant Card data storage and retrieval system designed to enable Merchants to process recurring payments without having to store sensitive Card details.


PayBill is an e-billing system that seamlessly allows you to send your Customer an electronic bill for payment without compromising on the security or flexibility.


PaySubs allows you to create a recurring payment for your Customer. This can be done manually using the Merchant Portal using an API integration.


PayProtector is a real-time accurate transaction linking and fraud syndicate detection system.  Detect and manage fraud syndicates before they impact your bottom line.


Payment Methods Supported

Flexible Packages for Your Needs

Start Accepting Payments Like a Pro