Online Payment Gateway

An online payment gateway involves three parties. First and foremost it is a bonafide business with a viable product to sell and a good credit rating; then there is the bank which provides the infrastructure for the ecommerce to take place; thirdly there is the online payment gateway provider which provides the link between the business and the bank.

Most banks theses days have outsourced the payment gateway function of credit card processing as it requires highly specialised software and back office support. A potential payment gateway provider must undergo intensive testing and meet stringent criteria before being accredited by a bank. Strict protocols must be adhered to, as the protection of customer information is of the utmost importance.

PayGate is accredited to all the major banks in sub Saharan Africa and is constantly expanding its presence. PayGate Online Payment Gateway has been a leading online credit card processor for over a decade and successfully processes millions of credit card transactions each year.

PayGate is the preferred provider of merchant credit card processing facilities for a diverse range of merchants who need to process cards remotely (ie. with the cardholder not present). Over the years PayGate has developed a number of value-added features to their core business of processing online credit card transactions. These include a currency converter which allows the merchant to quote prices in the currency of their choice while showing the customer what the rand value will be when the transaction is processed by the bank.

PayGate’s Back Office function and Daily Settlement and Management Reports make record-keeping and the reconciliation of bank accounts a straight-forward and trouble-free process, and all merchant information is protected by user-specific passwords.

As a online payment gateway all customer information passing through PayGate’s system is encrypted and firewall protected as prescribed by the banks. A number of additional risk management and fraud prevention measures are available to PayGate users. More in depth information can be obtained by sending an email to