The DPO PayGate Medium Payment Solution is the perfect processing option offering you even more flexibility and a greater choice of add-on DPO PayGate Products. Using your own Merchant Account, the Medium Payment Solution enables you to accept online transactions quickly at reduced processing rates. You still have the ability to switch between both our Starter and Premium Payment Solutions should your business requirements change.

  • No Fixed Term Contracts
  • Can Upgrade Your Business Package At Any Time
  • Can Build Your Payment Product Set As Your Business Grows

How to get started with DPO PayGate


Choose your payment solution and complete the PayGate agreement


Integrate using one of PayGate’s secure Integration methods


Our Customer Services team will activate your account within 48 hours

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Compatible Payment Methods

Card Payment Methods

With DPO PayGate’s global reach you can accept secure online Card payments worldwide.

Paygate Payment Methods MasterPass Payments Logos

MasterPass by MasterCard is a digital wallet service that makes online shopping safe, easy, and convenient.

Receive instant EFT payments from your customers using the SiD Secure EFT service.

PayPal South Africa Payment Gateway

Receive international payments using PayPal, a trusted payment solution for web and mobile.


Easy checkout when you’re shopping online with a single sign-in anytime you see Visa Checkout.


Accept Cash payments online. Your Customer can shop online and pay with Cash.


PayBill is an e-billing system that seamlessly allows you to send your Customer an electronic bill for payment without compromising on the security or flexibility. It is the ideal solution if you want to receive online payments without an ecommerce enabled website.

PayPoint, your secure virtual card machine service offering the ability to manually process credit card payments without having to use a physical POS (Point of Sale) machine. The payment is processed in real time and the transaction status is displayed to the Merchant. The Merchant has the ability to print a receipt for signature.

PaySubs allows you to create a recurring (subscription) payment for your Customer. This can be done manually using the PayGate Merchant Portal or your Customer can activate the subscription using an API integration. A Process Now function enables the first transaction to be processed in real-time (when captured via a web site API integration) and the balance to be processed at future dates.

It is a legal requirement that Card transactions processed to Merchant Accounts within South Africa are processed in ZAR currency. Setting-up online has the benefit of attracting Customers globally. PayFX is a unique solution that makes it possible to advertise your product or service in a foreign currency and still have it processed in a ZAR currency.

PayBatch allows you to capture and process batched card transactions. You create and prepare the card batch, this can be manually uploaded using the PayGate Merchant Portal or submitted via an API integration.

PayVault is a card tokenisation service which enables merchants using the service to store their client’s card details in PayGate’s PCI DSS Level 1 database and receive a token (a unique code assigned to the card) which can be used to process future transactions in place of using the card number.


Our Medium solution provides you with a fast and easy integration, making getting paid faster.