Internet Credit Card Processing

Internet credit card processing is required by any business whose customers are not physically present at the time that payment for goods or services needs to be made. Internet credit card processing has become an essential part of an increasing number and variety of businesses. There are two ways of processing cards online and the merchant should choose the one that best suits his needs.

If the business requires am interactive, fully-functional website, then the site will be set up so that the customer, having made his choice and loaded his “shopping basket”, will click on ‘PAY’ which will take him to a secure payment page.

This page will allow the customer to enter all the details necessary for the processing of his order. The payment site, while retaining the look and feel of the business, is run by the payment gateway provider chosen by the merchant and set up with the assistance of his bank once the website has been developed.

The customer’s credit card details are fully protected appropriate firewalls and encryption, and the merchant sees only the information required to fulfil the order once the sale has been positively authorized via the payment gateway by the bank which issued the customer’s credit card.
The second type of internet credit card processing facility can best be described as a “virtual terminal“.

No interactive website is required in this case, as it is the merchant and not the customer who, acting upon the instructions from the cardholder, activates the payment gateway and adds the customer’s credit card details. From here on the payment gateway will function in the same way as described above, obtaining authorization for the amount in question, processing the transaction, and notifying the merchant of the new order.

PayGate, a leading payment gateway provider in Southern Africa, provides merchants with much more than just the internet credit card processing function.

With a PayGate online facility, the merchant is able to retrieve useful Back Office information, month-end reports and customer records. In addition the merchant can make use of PayGate’s transaction notification and extensive fraud prevention services.

Your bank will give you the details of their qualifying criteria to become an internet credit card processor, and PayGate will help you every step of the way.

Please feel free to email for more information on PayGate Payment Gateway and the steps involved in getting your business set up with an internet credit card processing facility