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During office hours you can contact us on 087 820 2020 and speak to one of our Customer Service agents who are trained to assist you with your integration, alternatively you can send us an email at supportsa@dpogroup.com

Bank Reconciliation

The bank usually has the money in your account within 24 hours. It does sometimes take 48 hours. The bank does have a very ‘vigilant’ fraud division and large amounts especially on foreign cards are often ‘intercepted’ by the fraud division. If the money is not in your account within 48 hours it usually means that it is with the fraud division. The fraud division will attempt to contact the cardholder’s bank to ensure the transaction is valid; this is for the merchant’s protection and to ensure that the card holder does not later charge back. The verification process usually adds an extra 24-48 (business) hours to the process, but is dependant on how quickly the cardholder’s bank responds.

Sometimes the bank combines one or more PayGate batches into a single batch on the bank statement or settles part of a batch and settles the outstanding transactions at a later date. Please follow these matters up with the Merchant Services department at your bank, as they will be able to advise as to the reason that this has occurred.


If a transaction/purchase was made before 6:15pm (GMT +2) then you should stop the settlement of the transaction.

Please note that there is an Authorisation on the funds and therefore the bank will hold the funds for a few days and then release them back into the card holder’s account.

When a purchase is made, there is an Authorisation on the funds. The bank will hold the funds for a few days (about 10 business days) and then release them back into the card holder’s account.

Fraud & Risk

We have developed PayProtector – a proprietary Risk Management Engine. There are 3 versions of PayProtector:

PayProtector – Light
This service scans all incoming transactions and blocks the fraudulent ones before they are sent to the bank for processing.

PayProtector – Advanced
This service generates a report showing the risk scores of all of your successful transactions from the previous day. Therefore you can investigate any High Risk transactions before you dispatch the orders.

PayProtector – Managed
This service is suitable for very large organisations who require a comprehensive risk analysis service.

We recommend to all of our clients that they implement PayProtector – Light as this is very effective in reducing fraud. Please email supportsa@dpogroup.com if you would like to activate this service on your account. Please contact us if you would like pricing for this service.

Point of Sale Devices

We do not distribute Point of Sale devices. We offer a virtual Point of Sale product called PayPoint, that eliminates the need for a physical device and does not require any any additional hardware or software.

Your account could be suspended for multiple reasons. To find out why, please email us on accountssa@dpogroup.com

Merchant Account

You do not need an internet merchant account to sign up with PayGate. We can either sign you up for PayGate Plus or work with you to apply for a merchant account at any of our supported banks.

Yes we do. If you select our PayGate Plus solution you do not need to have an Internet merchant account to accept transactions

Get Started

Please fill in the Get Started form on this website. This form acts as an initial application for a PayGate account. One of our Sales Consultants will contact you and assist you with the sign-up process.

International Payments

Using PayGate you can accept payments from American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa cards issued anywhere in the world.

Mobile Transactions

Yes, our PayHost product is ideally suited to mobile app payments.

PayHost gives you full control over the look and feel of the payment page. This allows your developer to handle the challenge of content presentation and layout on the mobile device in a way that suits your application.

Recurring Payments

Yes, our PaySubs and PayBatch products have been designed with recurring transactions in mind.

Zoho Books

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