eCommerce – Nedbank Namibia Internet Merchant Facility

PayGate International is linked for accepting credit cards to over 80 banks internationally and is proud to announce that applications for Nedbank merchant facilities in Namibia are now open.

Nedbank merchants who have ecommerce websites in Namibia and want to accept Namibian Dollars can apply on the website.

Just fill in the Get Connected form and PayGate will help you get your merchant facility sorted.

Developers can go to the Developer section of the PayGate website to find out how to link ecommerce sites for payment online.

The linking is simple and easy and the PayGate support team can advise if you are having problems.

Merchants can now enjoy more ways to get paid online with a Nedbank Internet merchant facility. PayGate has a range of products depending on how merchants would like to process credit card transactions. Merchants with a Nedbank merchant facility can accept credit cards on their websites using PayWeb and PayXML.

For recurring billing, with a Nedbank Internet merchant facility, ecommerce merchants can use PaySubs or PayBatch if they want to upload batches of credit card authorisations. For travel and tourism businesses wanting to do one-off transactions, they can log into the PayGate secure back office and process one transaction at a time.

To apply for a Nedbank Namibia Internet Merchant facility for your ecommerce website go to and fill in the Get Connected form. PayGate will help you get your facility sorted.