Choosing PayGate as your Payment Gateway

Choosing PayGate as your Payment Gateway to process credit cards via the internet could be the difference between success and failure for your business. PayGate Payment Gateway offers both you and your customer the most up-to-date online credit card processing system for those situations when the card is not present and the transaction requires processing. Whether you’re entering the growing world of e-commerce or are in the hospitality industry, requiring a deposit to secure a booking, your client will not be present, thus making a conventional credit card machine impractical.

The answer is a PayGate credit card processing facility. Having been a payment gateway provider for many years, and with a number of products on offer, PayGate has designed a system for every “card-not-present” situation. With a PayGate Payment Gateway you are able to offer your client a simple and convenient payment method. E-commerce payments done on an interactive website are encrypted before being transmitted for processing thus giving your clients the peace of mind knowing that their credit card details are totally secure.

In addition to a safe and convenient card processing system, PayGate Payment Gateway offers you the seller or service-provider many additional back-office features. Customer records and sales figures are easily accessed on the system. Another huge benefit is that prices can be quoted in Dollars or Pounds but will be processed in South African Rands, using the exchange rate of the day.

PayGate has been accredited with all the major South African banks who have recognised the benefits of a PayGate credit card processing facility to their valued business banking clients. When choosing PayGate as your Payment Gateway, your bank will facilitate the process of having your e-commerce site or guest house linked to PayGate Payment Gateway. And for more information on the various options PayGate can offer you, or advice on which one would best suit your particular business, please email